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Luis Quintanilla, Art and Memory. Virtual Museum

The University of Cantabria has been working since 2005 on recovering and showcasing the value of the artistic figure of the plastic creator, Luis Quintanilla Isasi (1893-1978). Several exhibitions, the deposit made by the Bruno Alonso Foundation of more than 70 pieces of work, and the recovery of the set of frescoes "Love Peace and Hate War (Ama la Paz y Odia la Guerra)" (Item of Cultural Interest since 2014); all serve to justify the creation of a Museum bringing together all the treasured works at the UC.

The technical aspects involved in the preservation of the materials, the lack of spaces in the institution and the possibilities of dissemination offered by the new technologies have motivated the creation of this Virtual Museum (see video).

On top of this, the visitor will be able to tour works belonging to the deposit held by Paul Quintanilla in the MNCARS, as well as the set of murals preserved at the University of Missouri-Kansas City that were made in 1941 by Quintanilla during his first years in exile. 

The new technologies help to bring together items that are spread out across different geographical locations, works whose chronological arc runs from the thirties until the sixties in the twentieth century, covering, thanks to Quintanilla´s ongoing production, the years of the Republic, the Civil War and the creator´s exile. All this is offered in a museum which is unique and to which access is free for all citizens.

From the UC, we wish to thank all the collaborating entities, the Bruno Alonso Foundation, Santander Bank, the University of Missouri-Kansas City and MNCARS, for their great help when it came to getting this project off the ground. At the same time, we wish to thank Paul Quintanilla for his help and the trust he invested in the project.

Collaborating entities:

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