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Enjoy your experience abroad in degree or master program in Physics, Mathematics or Computer Science in one of the best Spanish Universities in those fields. Ranked 2nd in physics, 1st in Computer Science and 4th in Mathematics among the Spanish Universities by U-ranking and among the top 150 (physics), 400 (mathematics) and 500 (Computer Science) Universities in the world according to Shanghai ranking.

Exchange and visiting students can choose the courses they will be following during their exchange period within the academic offer taught at the Faculty of Science.

Courses taught in Spanish

Courses in Spanish in the Faculty of Science can be chosen among those of our undergraduate or graduate courses. Many of these are tagged as "English Friendly", which means that bibliography, tutoring and assessment are available in English.

Degree in Computer Systems Engineering
Degree in Mathematics
Degree in Physics

Some of these courses are organized in a spring semester with full time-table compatibility as an International Diploma in Physics.

You can also complete your training with Research Traineeships.