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Introduction to the Faculty​​​​​​ of Arts & Humanities

In an attempt to further improve services for students, this Exchange Students' Guide will hopefully be a very useful tool for quick consultation as to what studies our university has to offer, thereby allowing an international student to better understand its academic system, the conditions and processes of admission and to know where the Office for International Relations is and what activities it carries out.

The International Student's Guide

International Relations Office

The International Relations Office co-ordinates the services for exchange and visiting students and also for the students received within the framework of agreements and European and International programmes. 

ORI. Edificio de las Facultades de Derecho y Económicas

+ 34 942 201018/52/38


International Relations Coordinators

The International Relations Coordinators at the Faculty of Arts & Humanities act as tutors to the students who are taking part in the national and international exchange programmes, and academic issues can be dealt through them:

Concepción Diego Liaño

Office number 1014-D at the School of Civil Engineering. Geography, Urbanism and Spatial Planning Departament

 + 34 942 202071

History &
Program in Spanish History and Culture
Javier Añibarro Rodríguez

 Office number 165 at Interfacultativo Building

 +34 942 206746