​As well as teaching and collaborating with the management of the different organs of the University, the teachers also carry out research work. This area of work, not only of logical benefit to society, also allows the lecturers to update and deepen their knowledge, resulting in obvious benefits in their teaching. Moreover, research contributes to keeping the laboratories used for practical classes up to date. Finally, Research Agreements allow the incorporation of final year and post-graduate students in the research tasks of the Departments, again very effectively contributing to improving the training received by the students.

Lines of research tackled by the teaching staff of the School cover the wide spectrum of civil engineering and are related to marine and coastal engineering; hydraulic, environmental and energy engineering; structures and public works; land and material engineering; communication links, transport and urbanism as well as aspects related to the socio-economic, environmental effects, and the quality and safety of works being executed and run.
Certain research projects are carried out within the framework of the National Plan or European Union Research Programmes. Others arise as the result of agreements signed between the School and institutions or businesses.

In the various departments certain graduates start their doctoral studies leading to obtaining their doctorate. They are required to defend their “in depth research project”. Finally, after their Doctorate Thesis has been presented, they reach the level of Doctor, which, among other options, enables them to develop their professional activity in the realm of University lecturing and research.

The basic research units are made up of the R+D+i groups in the School, whose denomination and principal information is included in the following table:

Department: Terrain and Materials Science and Engineering
Group NameResponsible 
Applied Geology Sánchez Carro, Miguel Ángel
Geotechnics Castro González, Jorge
Materials Science and Engineering Laboratory (LADICIM) Gutiérrez-Solana Salcedo, Federico​
Department: Water and Environment Sciences and Techniques
Group NameResponsible 
Environmental Engineering Group (GIA)
Lobo García de Cortazar, Amaya​
Geomatics and Ocean Engineering Group (GEO-OCEAN)
Méndez Incera, Fernando
​Climate, Energy and Marine Infrastructures - IH Cantabria
​Losada Rodríguez, Íñigo
Hydraulic and Coastal Engineering - IH Cantabria
Medina Santamaría, Raúl
Hydrobiology and Environmental Management - IH Cantabria
Juanes de la Peña, José Antonio​ 
Department: Structural and Mechanical Engineering
Group NameResponsible 
Building Management and Technology (GTED)​
Lombillo Vozmediano, Ignacio
Department: Geographical Engineering and Techniques of Graphic
Group NameResponsible 
Graphic Expression of Engineering (EGI-CAD)
Otero González, César

Department: Applied Mathematics and Computer Science
Group NameResponsible 
Meterology and Computation
Frías Domínguez, María Dolores
Computer Graphics and Artificial Intelligence
Iglesias Prieto, Andrés
Vibration Math
Pérez Martínez, María Eugenia
Department: Transport and Projects and Processes Technology
Group NameResponsible
Territorial and Urban Studies and Projects Group (GEURBAN)
Nogués Linares, Soledad
Calzada Pérez, Miguel Ángel
Port-railway Logistics and ITS (Intelligent Transport Systems)
Pesquera González, Miguel Ángel
Sustainable Mobility and Railway Engineering (SUM+LAB)
Moura Berodia, José Luis
Construction Technology (GITECO)​ Castro Fresno, Daniel