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The Process HRS4R at the UC

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The table summarizes the chronology of the 2018‐2019 milestones during the process of preparation for the application:

Date Action
January 2018Decision to implement the HRS4R at UC.
January-December 2018The HR Award is included as a strategic line in the UC Strategic Plan for the period 2019-2023.
End 2018- January 2019Presentation of the start of the process to the Governing Board.
January 2019UC Constitution of the Steering Committee.
January-February 2019Appointment of a Coordinator and creation of a Focus Group for the process of Gap Analysis and Action Plan.
February 2019Definition of the initial methodology.
February-March 2019Launching of a UC –HRS4R website at the UC website (
February-March 2019University community informed about the implementation process.
February-March 2019Collection of data about Staff profiles and selection of the profiles for Working Group.
End March 2019UC Constitution of the Working Group.
April 1st 2019Initial Workshop with the Working Group.
Early AprilLaunching of a UC –HRS4R virtual workspace for the Working Group tasks.
May-September 2019Preparation, development and closing of the online survey (284 answers received for the teaching and research staff)
September- October 2019In deep analysis by researchers: Focus Group and Working Group meetings, and contributions through the virtual workspace: in deep analysis of the implementation of the 40 principles at UC (2 face-to-face meetings and continuous work through virtual space).
November 6th 2019 Final Workshop to validate the GAP analysis, discuss, and approve the proposals of the Action Plan with members of the Working Group.
Mid November 2019Presentation of the Gap Analysis and Action Plan to the UC Governing Board and approval.