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Program in Business and Economics


Fall semester

  • G1637 Econometrics II (6 ECTS)  +info
  • G921 Consumer Behaviour (6 ECTS)  +info

Spring semester

  • G1638 Creation of Companies and Family Business (6 ECTS)  +info
  • G1639 European Economic Policy (6 ECTS)  +info
  • G1640 Creation of Companies and Family Business (6 ECTS)  +info
  • G1748 Mathematics of Finance (6 ECTS) +info
  • G1813 Business Management Techniques: Good Practices (6 ECTS)  +info
  • G1814 Open Economy Macroeconomics (6 ECTS)  + info NOT OFFERED 20/21
  • G1815 International Business: An European Perspective (6 ECTS)   +info
  • G1817 Statistical Methods in Economics and Business (6 ECTS)   +info NOT OFFERED 20/21
  • G965 International Business Economics (6 ECTS)   +info



The Programme will be taught by University of Cantabria faculty staff with wide teaching and research experience in an international context together with guest professors from other universities.

Why study in English at the University of Cantabria?

Improve your command of Spanish and experience university education in Spain.
It is possible to 'pick and choose' a few courses in English in combination with other regular courses in Spanish to get a deeper knowledge about Spanish culture and civilization.

Elegibility Rules and Requirements

Please note that students who fulfil the following requirements will have priority:

  • Business, Management, Politics and International Relations students.
  • Students applying for all the courses of the programme as a whole.


How can I apply to these courses?

Please note that if you choose other courses not included in the English Programme, you will receive two different PDF files.

Deadline: 1st November


Compulsory Documents

The application slip must be sent to

Oficina de Relaciones Internacionales, Universidad de Cantabria
Edificio de la Facultad de Ciencias Económicas y Empresariales
Avda. de los Castros s/n , 39005 (Santander), Spain

together with the following documents:

  • Learning Agreement (L.A.), duly signed and stamped
  • Transcript of Records
  • ERASMUS or exchange student certificate issued by your home university
  • Photocopy of valid passport or identity card
  • Two original passport photos
  • Photocopy of European Health Insurance Card or private insurance, valid for the whole stay at the UC


Students from outside the European Union should also submit at their arrival

  • Passport photocopy with student visa (for stays superior to 90 days) valid for the whole stay at the UC.


Incomplete applications will not be processed.

Optional application forms



Admission is not guaranteed since these courses have limited places. Once admitted, you will be sent a message of confirmation to your e-mail address.


Further Information

Faculty of Business - Economics and Law, 1st Floor
Avda. de los Castros, s/n
39005 Santander
Cantabria (Spain)
Tel.: 00 34 942 20 10 38
Fax: 00 34 942 20 10 78