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Physics, Mathematics & Computer Science



Fall semester

  • G79 Advanced Experimental Techniques +info

  • G80 Advanced computation +info

Spring semester

  • G1775 Advanced Experimental Techniques (6 ECTS)   +info
  • G1778 Experimental Optics (6 ECTS)   + info
  • G1776 Astronomy (6 ECTS)   + info
  • G1777 Particle Physics (6 ECTS)   + info
  • G1779 Physics of Materials (6 ECTS)   + info


Fall semester

  • G1894 Advanced Probability +info

Spring semester

  • G1902 Measure Theory +info

  • G1903 Advanced Statistics +info

Computer Science

Fall semester

  • G1749 Computer Animation and Video Games   + info

Spring semester

  • G687 Natural Language Processing   + info
  • G1828 System and Network Security and Assurance +info


The Program will be taught by the Faculty of Science staff, with a wide teaching and research experience in an international context, and will be carried out mainly in its teaching and research laboratories.

Why study Physics in English at the University of Cantabria?

  • Experience education in Spain, and improve your command of Spanish, if you do not feel too confident yet.
  • Obtain a full university Diploma that assures an academic recognition of the courses contained therein.
  • Carry out a wide range of mid-to-high level experiments in Physics.
  • Laboratory work requires a person-to-person communication, ideal for language skills development.


Who is eligible for the Program?

The Program is open to exchange and visiting students at the University of Cantabria that are pursuing a technical Degree in their home University.