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Jarmila Glassey advocates lifelong training for Chemical Engineering graduates

This Professor from Newcastle University has given the opening lecture at the IVth Conference on Innovation in Chemical Engineering Education
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‚ÄčThe IVth Conference on Innovation in Chemical Engineering Innovation  (IV CIDIQ), which takes place as of today until the 23rd January at the Superior Technical School of Industrial and Telecommunications Engineering at the University of Cantabria, has begun with an opening plenary lecture by the Professor Jarmila Glassey.

Glassey is a Professor of Chemical Engineering Education in the School of Chemical Engineering and Advanced Materials  at the University of Newcastle and is responsible for the Institution of Chemical Engineers (IChemE) Education Special Interest Group.

Under the title 'Chemical Engineering EducationDo we teach the right skills for global economy of the future effectively?', Jarka Glassey has talked, amongst other matters, about the main challenges of education in the field of Chemical Engineering. In this sense, she has affirmed that Chemical Engineering graduates are prepared to tackle the main challenges in their future professions, which is why, according to Glassey, Chemical Engineering is so attractive to students, as it "provides a very broad and very applicable education, so if you do Chemical Engineering you might end up working for an oil company, or pharmaceutical company, or food company".  

According to Glassey, at "institutions like the University of Cantabria, for example, or the University of Newcastle in the UK, we are constantly striving to make sure that our graduates are top quality so they can go out into industry and work there effectively".

For Professor Jarka Glassey, "one of the big challenges is to teach our students that they have to keep learning all the time", thus she thinks that lifelong training is necessary for Chemical Engineering graduates.