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Professor Peter Hall Named Doctor Honoris Causa by the UC.

International Relations

​​Professor Juan Manuel Rodríguez Poo, of the Department of Economy at the UC, together with the Departments of Mathematics, Statistics and Computing; and Applied Mathematics and Computing Sciences, and with the unanimous adhesion of the Faculties of Sciences and Economics and Business Studies, proposed this distinction to the Australian Professor Peter Hall.

Rodriguez Poo highlighted the "outstanding academic and research curriculum of Professor Hall, which has made him worthy of important distinctions and titles", with special emphasis on "the taste for diversity, rigour, honesty and work that academically defines Professor Hall".

Hall gave the lecture 'A perspective of statistics', in which he highlighted the "vibrant and vital" state of this discipline, which is in a continuous state of change and is developing new technologies to turn numbers into information and advice. He reminded us of the role of computers in the progress of statistics, since they allowed "new and vast horizons to be opened up for methodological development" and with which researchers have been able to "perform relatively complex operations with data".

These operations have occupied most of Peter Hall’s career, and he was seen to be "deeply flattered" to receive the recognition of the UC, an institution he has described as "a growing force in the growing and intellectual life of Europe"


Professor-Peter-Hall-Named-Doctor-Honoris-Causa-by-the-UC.jpgThe new Doctor Honoris Causa by the University of Cantabria accepted the title from the Rector, who awarded him with the Medal of Doctor and the award gown. His Mentor, Professor Rodríguez Poo, then awarded him with the rest of the attributes for this distinction: the Book of Science and Wisdom, the ring and white gloves.


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