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IBBTEC Research Seminars

Season 2018

  • January 11: Verónica Torrano. Transcription & Metabolism: merging two classic tales
  • February 8: Almudena R. Ramiro. The many faces of CTCF in mature B lymphocytes
  • February 12: Raquel Romay-Tallón. Psychiatric disorders: from animal models to patients
  • March 8: Nuria Ferrándiz. Spatiotemporal regulation of Aurora B recruitment ensures release of cohesion during C. elegans oocyte meiosis
  • April 26: Jorge Galán. Salmonella induced inflammation: a pathogen centric view
  • May 24: Juan Tena. Uncovering p63 target genes involved in hereditary malformations
  • October 22: Huanhuan Li. From Somatic Cell Reprogramming to Neuronal Enhancers mapping
  • December 21: José Luis Sardina. Transcription factors drive Tet2-mediated enhancer demethylation to reprogram cell fate

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