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Dr. Ana V. Villar

Phone: (+34) 942 206799 ext. 111 / Fax : (+34) 942 266399
Mailing address: IBBTEC. C/ Albert Einstein 22, PCTCAN, 39011 Santande​r

Research laboratory for molecular treatments against cardiac fibrosis


Principal Investigator

Dr. Ana V Villar, Associate Professor



  • Ana R. Palanca Cuñado (Assistant Professor)
  • David Maestro Lavín (Predoctoral)
  • Jorge Ruiz del Río (Predoctoral)
  • Óscar Moreno Saiz (Master)


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Research lines

  •  Study of the molecular basis of pathology. Study of molecular mechanisms and molecular targets of pathological fibrosis related to Hsp90 and TGFβ.
  • Study the generation of new biotechnological nanodrugs and its application.
  • Generation of new diagnostic tools.

The group of the Associate Professor, Dr. Ana V Villar studies the molecular mechanisms related to the role of the Hsp90 chaperone and the TGFβ cytokine in their relationship with the phenomena of fibrosis as a basis for the search of new nano-biotechnological and genetic drugs. We studied the phenotype of knock out mice for the Hsp90α inducible isoform and the primary cells derived from the mouse, as well as the role of Hsp90 as molecular marker and / or therapeutic target of this pathology.

A second line of research looks for the generation of new therapies like the already patented one "Genetic Alert System" that is designed as a latent molecule that wakes up when the disease starts. In this area of research, we are also interested in new nanotools that combines liposomes and vesicles to create new carriers to reach in vivo pro-fibrotic targets. We are involved in the implementation of a new diagnostic plate.

Pathologies in study: Myocardial fibrosis/Scleroderma



  • January 2019-2021. Principal Investigator: Estudio in vivo de terapias moleculares de diseño y un nano-transportados genéticamente modificado contra la fibrosis cardiaca. Ministerio de Ciencia Innov y Univer (RTI2018-095214-B-I00).
  • January 2018-20. Principal Investigator: "Nanosensor test for fibrosis diagnosis in scleroderma patients". IDIVAL Foundation. Project code InnVal 17/22.
  • October 2018-20. Colaborator: Predictive study for the severity of the scleroderma disease. IDIVAL Foundation. Project code NextVal 18/10.
  • October 2018. Principal Investigator. Project "puente UC Sodercan": "Modular nanobiotechnological tools designed to detect and interfering with the key signaling route of cardiac fibrosis". Project code BIO2016-77367-C2-2-R.
  • May 2016-2018: Principal Investigator: "Modular nanobiotechnological tools designed to detect and interfere with the key signaling pathway of cardiac fibrosis in vivo". IDIVAL Foundation (InnVal 15/31).
  • April 2017-2020: Principal Investigator: "Genetic Alert System to prevent myocardial fibrosis. Ministerio de Ciencia Innov y Univer (BIO2015-72124-EXP).


Publications (last 7 years)

  • Reduction of cardiac TGFβ-mediated profibrotic events by inhibition of Hsp90 with engineered protein.
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Book Chapters

  • Villar AV, del Arco C,Flórez J. Libro: Farmacología Humana 6ª edicción. Capítulo 5:72-82.Titulado: Metabolismo de los fármacos. 2014. Director Jesús Flórez. Editorial: Elsevier Masson. (ISBN de la edición impresa 978-84-458-2316-3). "Farmacología Humana" 6ª edición, Dir: J. Flórez. Masson S. A., Barcelona, 2013.
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