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Dra. Federica Bertocchini

Phone: (+34) 942 206851 / Fax : (+34) 942 266399
Mailing address: IBBTEC. C/ Albert Einstein 22, PCTCAN, 39011 Santander​​

Early development of the amniote embryo


​Principal Investigator​

Federica Bertocchini, Ramón y Cajal researcher

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 Research interests

  • Axis formation 
  • Primordial Germ Cells specification and maintenance in the early embryo
  • Early endoderm formation and patterning
  • Chick Embryonic Stem Cells (cESC)


  • Ministry of Science and Innovation, Government of Spain, National Plan I+D+I for not oriented research. Grant number: BFU2010-19656 (2010)
  • Fundacion Ramon Areces, XIV Concurso Ciencias de la Vida y de la Materia (2012)
  • Royal Society International exchange grant with Dr. S. Srinivas, Oxford University, Oxford, UK (07/2013-06/2014)


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