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PhD Program in Molecular Biology and Biomedicine

The UC Doctoral School imparts the PhD program in Molecular Biology and Biomedicine, where numerous IBBTEC researchers participate. It is an official program recognized with the mention towards excellence by the Ministry of Education (MEE2011-0208). 

The area encompassing the program is a potential area given the direct transfer of basic research to the clinic or commercial exploitation.

The lines of this program have their focus on the molecular and cellular bases of human pathologies:

    • Molecular signaling and cancer.
    • Neurosciences (neurobiology, neurodegeneration, neuropharmacology).
    • Molecular and Cellular Microbiology.
    • Biotechnology.
    • Molecular Basis of the immune response.
    • Genetic factors associated with human diseases.
    • Cycle, differentiation and cell death, cytoskeleton.
    • Developmental Biology.

This program has an annual average of 15-20 students, of whom 5-6 attend the program in the Institute. The average of doctoral theses presented by researchers of the IBBTEC is about 6 per year, obtaining most of them the mention of "International doctorate". 

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Master in Molecular Biology and Biomedicine

The Master in Molecular Biology and Biomedicine (MBMB) is an official Master's degree from the University of Cantabria and the University of the Basque Country (UPV/EHU). It is one of the 32 priority programmes selected by the CSIC, among its centres, with an official Master's degree. It consists of 60 ECTS credits to be carried out in an academic year. Most of the researchers of the IBBTEC are involved in the teaching of the master's degree.

The MBMB is focused on the molecular aspects of biomedical research and gives direct access to the doctoral program described above. On the other hand, graduates can be integrated into biotechnology-based companies, pharmaceutical laboratories, research institutes, etc.

The Master has 50 students per year, of which between 3 and 4 perform their final experimental work in the IBBTEC, for more than 4 months.


Interuniversity master degree in initiation to Mental Health Research

The master's degree in initiation to Mental Health Research is an official and semi-presence Interuniversity program, organized by research groups belonging to five Spanish universities: University of Cantabria (UC), Universidad Complutense de Madrid (UCM), Universitat Autónoma de Barcelona (UAB), University of Barcelona (UB) and University of Cádiz (UCA). They are part of the Center for Biomedical Research in Network, on Mental health CIBERSAM. The aim of the master's degree is to train researchers in mental health, both in basic and clinical aspects, and to encourage the exchange between working groups in mental health, which facilitates the realization of joint projects. It consists of 60 ects credits, and in addition to the theoretical subjects, two cycles of supervised stays are developed in units of investigation in Mental health. Researches from the IBBTEC are involved in this program as teaching staff.

This master's degree has more than 50 students per year, of which between one and two students perform their final master's work in the IBBTEC.

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Degree in Medicine

It is a 6-year program of theoretical and practical training, with practices in the Hospital "Marqués de Valdecilla" and in other arranged centers. In this degree only participate university staff from the Institute, given its research and teaching duality, also belonging to different departments of the Faculty of Medicine. This participation carries a teaching load in more than 10 subjects with approximately 1,500 hours taught by academic course.

The grade has about 500 students in different courses. Approximately 15 students per year perform their Final Degree Work tutored by IBBTEC R&D staff.

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Degree in Nursing

The Faculty of Nursing is the oldest nursing school in Spain, trainig nursing professionals since 1929. It consists of 240 ects credits, divided into four academic courses.

The external practices are developed in three academic courses, in health and social centers, public or private. Researches from the IBBTEC are involved as teaching staff.

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