Sp8 regulatory function in the limb bud ectodermSp8 regulatory function in the limb bud ectodermRocío Pérez-Gómez, Marc Fernández-Guerrero, Víctor Campa, Juan F. Lopez-Gimenez, Alvaro Rada-Iglesias, Maria A. Ros2020-02-26T23:00:00Z<h3>Abstract<br></h3><div><br></div><div>Sp8 and Sp6 are two closely related Sp genes expressed in the limb ectoderm where they regulate proximo-distal and dorso-ventral patterning. Mouse genetics revealed that they act together in a dose-dependent manner but with Sp8 making a much greater contribution. Here, we combine ChIP-seq and RNA-seq genome-wide analyses to investigate the Sp8 regulatory network and mechanism of action. We find that Sp8 predominantly binds to putative distal enhancers to activate crucial limb patterning genes, including Fgf8, En1, Sp6 and Rspo2. Sp8 exerts its regulatory function by directly binding DNA at Sp consensus sequences or indirectly through Dlx5 interaction. Overall, our work underscores Sp8 master regulatory functions and supports a model in which it cooperates with other Dlx and Sp cofactors to regulate target genes. We believe that this model could help to properly understand the molecular basis of congenital malformations.<br></div><p>[<a href="https://www.biorxiv.org/content/10.1101/2020.02.26.965178v1.full.pdf">bioRxiv</a>]<br></p>335