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Digital tools for floating offshore wind turbines (FOWT): A state of the art

Abstract: Operations and installation on offshore wind and especially floating are complex and difficult actions due to site accessibility and equipment availability. In this regard, digitalization is disrupting the wind section thanks to the development of advanced sensors, automated equipment, computational power, among other. All these allow to optimize and simplify different parts of the offshore wind power plant development (i.e. design, planning, installation, O&M, etc.). This fact is of special interest on maintenance, since the early detection of failures or malfunctions lead to reduced costly corrective maintenance. This paper presents a literature review of current state-of-the-art on the application of digitalization activities which can be applied for floating wind, including typical component failures, monitoring techniques and advanced digital tools as Digital Twin concept and Building Information Models (BIM). Finally, the review paper provides an analysis of existing gaps, needs and challenges of the sector to provide guides on research and innovation to foster offshore wind sector.

 Fuente: Energy Reports 2022, 8, 1207-1228

Editorial: Elsevier

 Año de publicación: 2022

Nº de páginas: 22

Tipo de publicación: Artículo de Revista

 DOI: 10.1016/j.egyr.2021.12.034

ISSN: 2352-4847

Proyecto europeo: info:eu-repo/grantAgreement/EC/H2020/815083/EU/COst REduction and increase performance of floating WIND technology/COREWIND/

Url de la publicación: https://doi.org/10.1016/j.egyr.2021.12.034