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Assessing the effect of spatial-temporal droughts on dominant crop yield changes in Central Malawi

Abstract: Central Malawi has intensely been subjected to different climate-related shocks such as floods, dry spells, and droughts, resulting in decreases in crop yields. Due to their recurrence arising from the effects of climate change, drought characterization, monitoring, and prediction are crucial in guiding agriculture-water users and planners to prepare drought risk management plans and early warning systems. This research analyzed droughts, using multiple drought indices and their impacts on dominant crops over Central Malawi. Forty years of hydro-meteorological data (1977-2017) from nine rain-gauging stations and crop yield data from 1983 to 2017 from four districts were analyzed. The study discovered that drought events in the Agricultural Development Division (ADD) are highly a function of rainfall deficit and high temperatures. The results highlighted that the rainfall patterns in the area are not dependable, calling for the utilization of climate-smart irrigation systems such as drip irrigation and rainwater harvesting technologies. Furthermore, we achieved that crops such as cassava and groundnuts must be promoted to withstand the long water stress duration. These crops also have a multiplier effect; hence, they can enhance food security in the region. This study recommends that using more robust variables in drought analysis studies is necessary for effective drought monitoring and early warning systems. In corroboration with disaster management NGOs, it is recommended that the government should be proactive in developing integrated drought management policies and planning strategies for drought adaptation and mitigation.

 Autoría: Chikabvumbwa S.R., Salehnia N., Manzanas R., Abdelbaki C., Zerga A.,

 Fuente: Environmental Monitoring and Assessment, 2022, 194, 63

Editorial: Springer Netherlands

 Fecha de publicación: 07/01/2022

Nº de páginas: 16

Tipo de publicación: Artículo de Revista

 DOI: 10.1007/s10661-021-09709-4

ISSN: 1573-2959,0167-6369

Url de la publicación: https://doi.org/10.1007/s10661-021-09709-4