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Public regulation and passengers importance in port infrastructure costs

Abstract: Because ports are conceived and designed mainly to be the transfer point of various types of freight, passengers tend to be forgotten in the analysis of port costs. In this paper first we investigate the importance of passengers in port infrastructure costs by means of a multi-output cost function estimated from 20 annual observations (1986-2005) for 26 Spanish Port Authorities. Results show that, although a passenger weights on average less than one tenth of a ton, he or she represents as much as two tons of solid bulk and about three tons of containerized general cargo in terms of marginal costs. Secondly, we compare the marginal costs of different cargoes with their price caps established by law. Results suggest that some type of second best pricing is induced by present regulation.

 Autoría: Núñez-Sánchez R., Jara-Díaz S., Coto-Millán P.,

 Fuente: Transportation Research Part A: Policy and Practice , vol. 45, Issue 7, Pages 653 - 666

 Editorial: Elsevier Ltd

 Fecha de publicación: 01/08/2011

 Nº de páginas: 14

 Tipo de publicación: Artículo de Revista

 DOI: 10.1016/j.tra.2011.04.012

 ISSN: 0965-8564,1879-2375