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Physical Conditioning for Combat Sports: book review

Abstract: Abstract:The present work analyses the book titled "Physical Conditioning for Combat Sports", edited by Dr Emerson Franchini and Dr Tomas Herrera-Valenzuela in 2017. The book is divided in six chapters and eight authors are participating. The first chapter, "Development of the Aerobic Capacity in Fighters", analyses the current literature in specific training and competition situations. The second chapter, "Development of the Anaerobic Capacity in Fighters", describes the responses and needs of fighters in relation to anaerobic power and capacity. The third chapter, "Maximal Strength Training in Fighters", studies the different training methods for the specific development of this capacity. The fourth chapter, "Development of the Muscular Power in Fighters", details the needs of muscular power according to the different combat sports and during training and competition situations. The fifth chapter titled "Development of the Strength Endurance in Fighters" describes the general and specific tests for fighters, including suggestions for training core muscles as well as higher and lower extremities. The sixth chapter, "Flexibility in Combat Sports", examines the contribution and response of this capacity in fighters from different disciplines. Finally, the extensive research experience of the authors in topics related to martial arts and combat sports together with the exhaustive and comprehensive bibliographic review carried out, give a high scientific and academic value to the book. Therefore, it is suggested to all trainers and practitioners from the different combat sports disciplines, to consult this excellent publication.

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 Autoría: Valdes-Badilla, P., Perez-Gutierrez, M.

 Fuente: Ido movement for culture, 18(1), pp. 45-48

 Año de publicación: 2018

Nº de páginas: 4

Tipo de publicación: Artículo de Revista

 DOI: 10.14589/ido.18.1.7

ISSN: 2084-3763,2082-7571