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Performance of missing transverse momentum reconstruction in proton-proton collisions at ?s = 13 TeV using the CMS detector

Abstract: The performance of missing transverse momentum ( ®pmissT ) reconstruction algorithms for the CMS experiment is presented, using proton-proton collisions at a center-of-mass energy of 13 TeV, collected at the CERN LHC in 2016. The data sample corresponds to an integrated luminosity of 35.9 fb-1. The results include measurements of the scale and resolution of ®pmissT, and detailed studies of events identified with anomalous ®pmissT . The performance is presented of a ®pmissT reconstruction algorithm that mitigates the effects of multiple proton-proton interactions, using the ?pileup per particle identification? method. The performance is shown of an algorithm used to estimate the compatibility of the reconstructed ®pmissT with the hypothesis that it originates from resolution effects.

Otras publicaciones de la misma revista o congreso con autores/as de la Universidad de Cantabria

 Fuente: Journal of Instrumentation, Vol. 14, Iss. 07, 2019, Art. Num. P07004

Editorial: Institute of Physics

 Fecha de publicación: 01/07/2019

Nº de páginas: 54

Tipo de publicación: Artículo de Revista

 DOI: 10.1088/1748-0221/14/07/P07004

ISSN: 1748-0221

Url de la publicación: https://doi.org/10.1088/1748-0221/14/07/P07004