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REAL - 2016


Photo Album - REAL 2016


It was a great experience! Santander is a gorgeous city and I enjoyed getting to know the culture of Spain. The activities and trips we took were once in a lifetime experiences that I will never


Jasmine Smith, University of Pennsylvania

REAL-2016, student of "Research in Biotechnology Program"



Ana has been a wonderful guide, and our experience was so much better since we had her. I can't imagine the program without her! Furthermore, it was awesome to have Spanish students in the class as well. We learned so much about the city, the language, and the culture from them.


Emily Woolway, Harvard University

REAL-2016, student of "Research in Biotechnology Program"






REAL - 2015


Photo Album - REAL 2015 



Everyone in IFCA has been very friendly and welcoming; my supervisors have been very helpful and patient working with me. Overall, I´d recommend this program to a future class mate J The location, the atmosphere, and the layout of the city make for a safe, fun, eye-openly experience


Shayn Lozano, Harvard University.
REAL-2015, student of "Physics in the 21st Century" Program






This program provided the unique and incredible opportunity to combine course credits and research experience with the classic study abroad experience. Santander is a beautiful and welcoming city and the REAL team plus Alba made sure we took advantage of everything possible. I would highly recommend it and can’t think of a better way to spend one’s summer



Justin Averback, University of Pennsylvania.
REAL-2015, student of “Research in Biotechnology” Program





REAL - 2014


Photo Album - REAL 2014


If you want to share a day-by-day REAL experience, check the blog “Spanish Eggs” by REAL-2014 student Phebe Hong, from Harvard University:




My research instructors were great and they patiently assisted me every step of the way. I loved coming to work every day. Santander was beautiful. It was definitely the best summer ever!


Taniel Winner, U. Pennsylvania.
REAL-2014 student of “Research in Biotechnology” Program.





I really enjoyed my time conducting hands-on research, and was so appreciative that everyone in my lab took the time to teach me valuable technical and scientific skills. All the activities and outings after class were a great way to explore Santander and the surrounding regions, and learn about Spanish culture


Phebe Hong, Harvard University.
REAL-2014 student of “Research in Biotechnology” Program.




REAL - 2013


Photo Album - REAL 2013



The program was everything I wanted in a study abroad experience: an educational experience with unforgettable cultural exploration. Santander is a perfect study abroad city. It's not too big, not too small, and transportation is easy. There are several universities running different programs during the summer so there were a number of young Spanish and American students to meet.



Leah G., Harvard University.
REAL-2013 student of “Research in BIotechnology” Program.






The Ocean Engineering content was extremely interesting. Each week the new topics brought new perspectives on such an interesting field. The amount of work was perfect, and I was able to learn a lot through the case study presentations. For the research, I liked how we got to pick a topic in an area that we found interesting. The other coworkers were extremely helpful in helping me understand my project at a high level. The extra curricular activities were all amazing. My stay with the Spanish family really caused my experience in Spain to be special. Their hospitality made me feel at home. I learned so much speaking with them everyday. In all, the summer I had in Spain was truly remarkable.”


Michael L., University of Pennsylvania.
REAL-2013 student of “Ocean Engineering” Program.






I thoroughly enjoyed the program and would recommend it to other students. My experience allowed me to learn an incredible amount both in and out of the classroom.


Kyle S., University of Pennsylvania.
REAL-2013 student of “Research in BIotechnology” Program.





Since the welcoming meeting on the very first day I have felt that we are being taken care of extremely well. The Biotech class was an interesting overview of many subjects. It is a good way to figure out what area I am interested in the most. The Program Director is a great instructor and a very nice person. He helped us feel welcomed and helped us plan fun weekend trips, like hiking. Also, having Spanish students in our classes was really fun, and a good way to practice speaking in Spanish and to meet some new friends.


Emily R., Harvard University.
REAL-2013 student of “Research in BIotechnology” Program.