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A paleo-proxy-based reconstruction of still water level in the San Francisco Bay during 1500 - 2000 CE

The dataset contains the following files: 1. AWT_hisPCs_1880_2017.csv : Three leading annual principal components (APCs) of sea surface temperature anomalies (obtained from ERSSTv4) in the Hovmoller space during 1880 to 2017. 2. APC*_1000sims_500yr.csv : Reconstructions of three APCs using paleo-proxy-based Nino3.4 reconstructions from 1500 to 2000. Each file contains 1000 simulations. 3. TESLA_SF_reconstructed_SWLs_Sims_*_*_wSS.mat : there are four files for total 1000 simulations of reconstructed still water levels (SWLs) at San Francisco Bay. They can be accessed using MATLAB. Each of the files contains the following data: o time_fin : time in matlab format, 1500 - 2000 hourly. Time series starts from June 1st 1500, to account for wave climate. o tide_raw_fin : astronomical tide prediction from 1500 - 2000, at hourly resolution. o tide_raw_slr_fin : adding ~2.2mm/yr of SLR on to tide_raw_fin starting in 1900. o tide_fin : correcting tide_raw_slr_sin with an ~0.09m offset to also account for the mismatch between MSL from ~1900- 2000 and the time before SLR is calculated. o mmsl_sim_hourly : monthly mean sea level, anomalies plus seasonality, at hourly resolution. o SWL : still water level at hourly resolution (tide_fin + mmsl_sim_hourly) o SS_fin : hourly storm surge time series. o DSWL : SWL + SS_fin. 4. MMSLA_100yrsRTs_30sw.RDS : Results of quasi-non-stationary flood risk analysis using annual maxima series (AMS) of MMSLA for a return period of 100yrs. The data set contains the following: o eva: 1000 x 3 array contains GEV estimation of return levels for each of 1000 simulation. Column 2 contains the estimated return levels, columns 1 and 3 contains 2.5 percentiles and 97.5 percentile values around the estimates. o swa : contains the results of GEV calculated over a 30 years sliding window. This is a list of 6 components as below: ? RTsim : An array of return level estimated for j-th window and i-th simulation ...

Repositorio: Zenodo

 Año de publicación: 2022

 DOI: 10.5281/zenodo.7455978

 Citación completa: Mukhopadhyay, S., Leung, M., Cagigal, L., Kucharski, J., Ruggiero, P. & Steinschneider, S. (2022). A paleo-proxy-based reconstruction of still water level in the San Francisco Bay during 1500 - 2000 CE. [Dataset]. (Versión v0) Zenodo. https://doi.org/10.5281/zenodo.7455978







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