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Changes in weight and lipid/glucose metabolisms in the following 10 years after a first epidose of psychosis (PAFIP10 cohort)

Abstract: People with psychosis are at higher risk of cardio-vascular events, which may be partly explained by a higher predisposition to gain weight. This has been observed in studies on individuals with a first-episode psychosis (FEP) at short and long-term (mainly up to 1-year), and transversally at longer-term in people with chronic schizophrenia. However, there is scarcity of data regarding longer-term (above 3-years follow-up) weight progression in FEP from longitudinal studies. The aim of this study is to evaluate the longer-term (10-years) progression of weight changes and related metabolic disturbances in people with FEP. This dataset is part of a large prospective longitudinal project on patients with a FEP, the ?First Episode Psychosis Clinical Program 10? (PAFIP10) study (Ayesa-Arriola et al., 2020). PAFIP-10 is a follow-up at approximately ten-years (range between 8 and 12) of a cohort of individuals with a first episode of non-affective psychosis initially included in the Cantabria Program for Early Intervention in Psychosis (PAFIP) (Pelayo-Teran et al., 2008). The project was approved by the local ethics committee for clinical research (CEIm Cantabria) in accordance with international standards for research ethics (trial number NCT02200588). Participants included in the study provided written informed consent for entry initially into PAFIP and for PAFIP-10 reassessment. The dataset includes prospective information, from 209 people with a FEP and 57 healthy participants (controls), related to biometric and lipid/glucose metabolisms. Particpants were evaluated at study entry (baseline), and at 1-year, 3-years and 10-years follow-ups.

Repositorio: Mendeley Data

 Fecha de publicación: 08/03/2022

 DOI: 10.17632/b2h5gr9m3c.1

 Citación completa: Vázquez-Bourgon, J. & Crespo-Facorro, B. (2022). hanges in weight and lipid/glucose metabolisms in the following 10 years after a first epidose of psychosis (PAFIP10 cohort). (Version 1). Mendeley Data. https://doi.org/0.17632/b2h5gr9m3c.1



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