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Supplement of added value of EURO-CORDEX high-resolution downscaling over the Iberian Peninsula revisited ? Part 2: max and min temperature

Table S1. Regional models forced by the ERA-Interim reanalysis from the European Centre for Medium-Range Weather Forecasts, for the 1989-2008 period. Table S2. EURO-CORDEX Regional models driven by the CMIP5 GCMs. Also shown the approximate spatial resolution from each GCM taken from Figure S1. Maximum (left) and minimum (right) daily temperature distributions taken from the hindcast EURO-CORDEX RCMs and ERA-Interim reanalysis (1989-2008) for the Iberian Peninsula. Also shown the Iberian Gridded Dataset distribution for the same domain and period. All RCM data was previously interpolated into the IGD 0.1o regular resolution. As for Era-Interim, two PDFs are shown, one for the original resolution of the low-resolution and other interpolated into the IGD resolution. The dash point and the value written refers to either the 90th percentile for max temperature or the 10th percentile for min temperature of the observations for NGD on the original resolution (blue) and interpolated into the ERA-Interim resolution (red). The time periods are (a) Year, (b) DJF, (c) MAM, (d) JJA and (e) SON. Figure S2. Yearly and seasonal distribution added values (DAV) of the Iberian Peninsula, between the RCMs and the ERA-Interim reanalysis for the 1989-2008 period, taken from the Hindcast EURO-CORDEX simulations, with the IGD regular dataset as a reference for (a) maximum daily temperature, considering the whole PDF, (b) minimum daily temperature considering the whole PDF. (c) maximum daily temperature extremes, only considering the values above the observational 90th percentile from maximum temperatures and (d) minimum temperature extremes only considering the values below the observational 10th percentile from minimum temperatures. All model data were previously interpolated to 0.1o regular resolution from the observations. Figure S3. Maximum (left) and minimum (right) daily temperature distribution for the historical EURO-C

Repository: Digital CSIC

 Year of publication: 2022

 Full citation: Martins Careto, J. A., Matos Soares, P., Cardoso, R. M., Herrera, S. & Gutiérrez, J. M. (2022). Supplement of added value of EURO-CORDEX high-resolution downscaling over the Iberian Peninsula revisited Part 2: Max and min temperature [Dataset]. (Version 1). Digital CSIC.





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