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Hybrid Modeling for Design of a Novel Bridge Pier Collar for Reducing Scour

Abstract: Bridge pier scour poses major concerns for public safety and riverine communities because of its ability to undermine pier foundations. A new collar design is introduced as an improvement on the existing Flat Plate Collar (FPC). Uniquely, the three-dimensional collar is specifically designed to contain the horseshoe vortex and guide it safely downstream, while protecting the riverbed around the pier base from the passing accelerated flow. Large shear stresses are thereby prevented from contacting the riverbed, and thus scour is considerably reduced. The collar design was achieved in an iterative hybrid manner through the use of OpenFOAM (CFD) software and by employing experimental tests. Collar designs were tested numerically and adjusted until an improved shape was reached. Then, a physical model of the new collar and an FPC were constructed and tested experimentally. The collar is demonstrated to reduce scour, more than that of an FPC; however further revisions are required for it to be an effective scour solution.

 Fuente: Journal of Hydraulic Engineering 2021, 147, 5, 04021012

 Publisher: American Society of Civil Engineers

 Publication date: 01/05/2021

 No. of pages: 12

 Publication type: Article

 DOI: 10.1061/(ASCE)HY.1943-7900.0001875

 ISSN: 0733-9429,1943-7900

 Publication Url: