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Comparison between attention and experiences of chronic complex patients: A multicentric study

Abstract: The aim of this research is to explore and analyse the functional status and experiences of complex patients located at levels 3?4 of the risk pyramid of the chronic care model in primary care, within the hospital system of two regions in Spain. The design was a mixed design (COREQ). The participants were enrolled in programs for chronic complex patients and their caregivers. Sociodemographic variables were gathered, together with the following measures: the Barthel test, the Mini mental test, the Zarit questionnaire, the IEXPAC scale and the Braden scale. A semi-structured interview was conducted individually with patients in order to explore their experiences and narrative on the process of their illness and the support they had received. The sample comprised 206 chronic pluripathological patients, of whom 103 were from Cantabria and a further 103 were from Mallorca. The patient profile in both regions was very similar. There was an equal distribution across both gender and the patients were over 78 years old. They all had a basic (primary) education, an average income and required moderate physical dependence, receiving assistance primarily from their children. The qualitative analysis highlighted patients? awareness of the illness and their concern for the future, noting that, overall, patients were satisfied with the care provided by their caregivers and the health system. We can conclude that is the first multicentric study of these characteristics conducted in Spain, despite it being the country with the second largest ageing population in the world. It is important to test new organisational models with differentiating areas of advanced clinical practice in primary care, whereby both patients and their caregivers can be co-responsible within the care process.

 Fuente: Health & social care in the community. 2022;30:976-987

 Publisher: Wiley

 Publication date: 16/01/2021

 No. of pages: 12

 Publication type: Article

 DOI: 10.1111/hsc.13269

 ISSN: 1365-2524,0966-0410

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