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Comment on "The Winfree model with non-infinitesimal phase-response curve: Ott-Antonsen theory" [Chaos 30, 073139 (2020)]

Abstract: In a recent paper [Chaos 30, 073139 (2020)], we analyzed an extension of the Winfree model with nonlinear interactions. The nonlinear coupling function Q was mistakenly identified with the non-infinitesimal phase-response curve (PRC). Here, we assess to what extent Q and the actual PRC differ in practice. By means of numerical simulations, we compute the PRCs corresponding to the Q functions previously considered. The results confirm a qualitative similarity between the PRC and the coupling function Q in all cases.

 Fuente: Chaos, 2021. 31, 018101

 Publisher: American Institute of Physics

 Year of publication: 2021

 No. of pages: 3

 Publication type: Article

 DOI: 10.1063/5.0036357

 ISSN: 1054-1500,1089-7682

 Spanish project: FIS2016-74957-P

 Publication Url: