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Chrysaphius, a eunuch in the court of Theodosius II: intrigues and diplomacy between East and West

Abstract: In this paper we analyse the role of political and ecclesiastical mediation played at the court of Constantinople by the powerful praepositus sacri cubiculi golden, a key figure both in the rise of Theodosius II and in the doctrinal choices that led the emperor to support the Monophysite trend and to convene the Second Council of Ephesus (449). Despite his diplomatic relevance, the eunuch has received very little attention by the historiography devoted to Late Antiquity in the Pars Orientis of the Empire.

 Fuente: Habis, 2022, (53), 145-163

 Publisher: Universidad de Sevilla

 Year of publication: 2022

 No. of pages: 19

 Publication type: Article

 DOI: 10.12795/Habis.2022.i53.09

 ISSN: 0210-7694

 Spanish project: PGC2018-099798-B-I00