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Middleware for distributed fulcrum coding on the fly: leveraging efficient communications for 5G-IoT heterogeneous mobile devices

Abstract: We formalize and evaluate an adaptation of the Middleware Fulcrum coding scheme, developed under a Fog computing architecture, for 5G-IoT mobile devices. This adaptation includes a D2D extension with distributed coding, specifically designed to address the challenges posed by a dynamic topology involving heterogeneous devices in processing capabilities. The proposed method is established at the application layer level to allow for the mapping of packet segments to a finite field scheme (Galois field), which allows for exploiting the algebraic properties of the system to exercise data retrieval with encoded information. In addition, it will enable dynamic adjustment of the coding parameters according to the processing capacity of the communication devices, wireless channel conditions, network topology, and type of stream in the system. In this sense, high-performance coding is distributed to nodes that can offer higher coding complexity in the design, effectively improving the wireless network?s performance in many aspects, such as delay, energy consumption, and goodput. By characterizing the system as an algebraic system, it is possible to exploit the advantages of FEC through decoding to reduce the signaling in the system.

 Authorship: Julio Y.R., Garcia I.G., Diaz J.M., Aguero R.,

 Fuente: IEEE Access, 2023, 11, 142538-142551

 Publisher: Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, Inc.

 Publication date: 14/12/2023

 No. of pages: 14

 Publication type: Article

 DOI: 10.1109/ACCESS.2023.3342916

 ISSN: 2169-3536

 Publication Url: