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Quasi-octave bandwidth in-phase three-layer platelet orthomode transducer using improved power combiners

Abstract: A 64% instantaneous bandwidth turnstile-junction-based orthomode transducer (OMT) made up of only three layers in a platelet configuration is presented. Such frequency coverage, while maintaining a very much reduced number of layers, is accomplished mainly by incorporating an improved power combiner based on noncontacting matching steps machined in one layer. This solution makes a real impact on the compactness concept of these OMTs while maintaining an excellent electrical performance. An OMT in the 10?20-GHz band was designed and measured by obtaining a return loss of 25 dB, an isolation between rectangular ports of 50 dB, a cross-coupling of 45 dB, and an insertion loss below 0.2 dB.

 Authorship: Cano J., Mediavilla A.,

 Fuente: IEEE Microwave and Wireless Components Letters, 2018, 28(12), 1086-1088

 Publisher: Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Inc.

 Publication date: 01/12/2018

 No. of pages: 3

 Publication type: Article

 DOI: 10.1109/LMWC.2018.2874160

 ISSN: 1531-1309,1558-1764

 Spanish project: ESP2015-70646- C2-2-R

 Publication Url: