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Using High-Fidelity Simulation to Introduce Communication Skills about End-of-Life to Novice Nursing Students

Abstract: Background: High-fidelity simulation is being considered as a suitable environment for imparting the skills needed to deal with end-of-life (EOL) situations. The objective was to evaluate an EOL simulation project that introduced communication skills to nursing students who had not yet begun their training in real healthcare environments. Methods: A sequential approach was used. The ?questionnaire for the evaluation of the end-of-life project? was employed. Results: A total of 130 students participated. Increasing the time spent in high-fidelity simulation significantly favored the exploration of feelings and fears regarding EOL (t = ?2.37, p = 0.019), encouraged dialogue (t = ?2.23, p = 0.028) and increased the acquisition of communication skills (t = ?2.32, p = 0.022). Conclusions: High-fidelity simulation promotes communication skills related to EOL in novice nursing students

 Authorship: Abajas-Bustillo R., Amo-Setién F., Aparicio M., Ruiz-Pellón N., Fernández-Peña R., Silio-García T., Leal-Costa C., Ortego-Mate C.,

 Fuente: Healthcare (Basel) 2020 Jul 29;8(3):E238

 Publisher: MDPI AG

 Year of publication: 2020

 No. of pages: 15

 Publication type: Article

 DOI: 10.3390/healthcare8030238

 ISSN: 2227-9032

 Publication Url: