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The economic impact of logistics infrastructure: The case of PLAZA - the Zaragoza Logistics Platform

Abstract: The economics literature offers many examples of studies of the economic impact of transportation infrastructure such as highways, ports, and airports; however, little attention has been paid to other types of infrastructure such as logistics platforms. This article is a first assessment of the economic effects of the largest logistics platform in Europe - PLAZA, the Zaragoza Logistics Platform - located in Spain. More precisely, this paper analyzes the economic significance of PLAZA on the economy of the Aragon region where it is located. The methodology is based on the application of input-output analysis to the final demand of logistics platform-based companies in a manner that is similar to well-established studies of the economic impacts of tourism on tourist expenditure. This makes it possible to quantify the various levels of economic effects (direct, indirect, and induced) in terms of jobs, salaries, and wages, turnover, gross operating surplus (GOS), and gross value added (GVA). The conclusions reveal the economic importance PLAZA has for the regional economy of Aragon, representing just over 2% of total GVA and 3% of turnover.

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 Autoría: Sainz R., Baños J., Val S., Kattour S.J.,

 Fuente: Transportation Planning and Technology , Vol. 36, Issue 4, Pages 299 - 318

Editorial: Taylor & Francis

 Fecha de publicación: 01/06/2013

Nº de páginas: 19

Tipo de publicación: Artículo de Revista

 DOI: 10.1080/03081060.2013.798480

ISSN: 1029-0354,0308-1060