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Alberto Ruiz Jimeno, senior researcher of the Cantabria Institute of Physics (CSIC-University of Cantabria)

Scientific Associate of CERN, since 1982.

Visitor Scientific of the Fermi National Laboratory, Fermilab, since 1999.

Founder of the High Energy Group of the Institute of Physics of Cantabria, 1995 .

Founder of the first Doctoral School in Spain, at the University of Cantabria, in 2010.

Coordinator of the Spanish Network for Future Colliders, since 2005.

Member of the Award Thesis Committee of the big collaboration CMS at the European Laboratory for Particle Physics, CERN, since 2013.

Spanish Delegate of the European Committee for Future Accelerators, ECFA (1989-1998),

Spanish Delegate of the Restricted European Committee for Future Accelerators, RECFA (1998-2001).

Member of the Collaboration Board (1986-1999), Speakers Bureau (1993-1999), and Convenor of the Tau Lepton Physics (1989-1991), of the international collaboration DELPHI of Large Electron Positron Collide, LEP, of CERN.

Member of the Executive Board, since 1999, and the International Financial Committee (2003-2010) of the international collaboration CDF of the Tevatron (Fermilab, USA).

Member of the Collaboration Board, since 2010, and the Executive Team, 2016-2020, of the international collaboration ILD of the International Linear Collider project, ILC.

Member of the Institute Board, since 2013, of the international collaboration CLICdp of the International Linear Collider project, CLIC, CERN.

President of the Cantabria Local Section of the Spanish Physics Royal Society, RSEF, 2010-2020

Spanish Delegate at the International Particle Physics Outreach Group (IPPOG), since 2006.

He has contributed to very important phenomenological studies of elementary particles of the second and third generation, such as tau, charm, bottom and top, as well as the phenomenology of the Higgs boson, co-signing more than 1700 papers in scientific journals with peer-review, including:

• the discovery of the Higgs boson

• the observation of the oscillations matter-antimatter Bs(0)/antiBs(0)

• the discovery of the electroweak production of the top quark, the single-top,

• the precise measurement of the mass and width of the Z0 boson

• the number of neutrino light families

• the precise properties of the tau lepton

He has coordinated and participated at local, national and international level many outreach activities, as the Masterclasses for High Energy Physics, since 2005, organized by IPPOG; Spanish contact for CERN-Beamline; scientific conferences at the Ateneo in Santander, …

He contributed to the development of the World Wide Web at Spain, were the first web page was constructed by A. Camacho, in the Cantabria node, under A. Ruiz direction.

He was also the principal investigator of a European network called "Technical development for LEP detectors"


 Facultad de Ciencias. Avda. de los Castros, 48. 39005 Santander

Profesor Emérito

Doctor en Ciencias Físicas

 Física De Partículas E Instrumentación



ORCID: 0000-0002-3639-0368

Scopus Author: 35222111500

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