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Use of TG-DSC-MS and gas analyzer data to investigate the reaction of CO2 and SO2 with Ca(OH)2 at low temperature

Abstract: To investigate the reaction of calcium hydroxide with CO2 and SO2 simultaneously, a gas containing both gases reacted with the calcium base at 58 ºC and a relative humidity of 55 %. Different CO2 and SO2 concentrations were performed being the composition of the gas stream 12, 6 or 0 % CO2; 5000, 2500, 1000 or 0 ppm SO2, 9.5 % synthetic air and balanced N2, with a flue gas rate of 1000 mL/minute. A continuous gas analyzer controlled the CO2 and SO2 concentrations in the effluent gas and the breakthrough curves of both gases were obtained. The gas analyzer data show that SO2 and CO2 compete to react with the base reacting simultaneously. By using thermogravimetry (TG), differential scanning calorimetry (DSC) and mass spectrometry (MS) techniques, calcium sulphite hemihydrate, CaSO3.1/2H2O, was identified as the unique desulfurization product detected. CaSO4 was not identified although O2 was present in the gas mixture. CaCO3 was the main product of the reaction of calcium hydroxide and CO2 being the complex CaO.CO2 another possible product synthesized in low amounts. From analyzer data it was proved that a part of the CaCO3 present in the sorbent or synthesized in the process reacts with the SO2 and release CO2. Results of this work show that the combination of continuous gas analyzer data and TG-DSC-MS techniques, not used before to study this reaction, is a good and easy way to clarify the process and the products of reaction.

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 Authorship: Josefina Renedo M., Pesquera C., González F., Fernández J.,

 Congress: Conference on Process Integration, Modelling and Optimisation for Energy Saving and Pollution Reduction: PRES (16ª : 2013 : Rodas, Grecia)

 Publisher: AIDIC

 Publication date: 01/11/2013

 No. of pages: 6

 Publication type: Conference object

 DOI: 10.3303/CET1335123

 ISSN: 1974-9791,2283-9216

 Spanish project: MAT2010-18862