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Optimized copper-based microfeathers for glucose detection

Abstract: Diabetes is expected to rise substantially by 2045, prompting extensive research into accessible glucose electrochemical sensors, especially those based on non-enzymatic materials. In this context, advancing the knowledge of stable metal-based compounds as alternatives to non-enzymatic sensors becomes a scientific challenge. Nonetheless, these materials have encountered difficulties in maintaining stable responses under physiological conditions. This work aims to advance knowledge related to the synthesis and characterization of copper-based electrodes for glucose detection. The microelectrode presented here exhibits a wide linear range and a sensitivity of 1009 µA-cm-2-mM-1, overperfoming the results reported in literature so far. This electrode material has also demonstrated outstanding results in terms of reproducibility, repeatability, and stability, thereby meeting ISO 15197:2015 standards. Our study guides future research on next-generation sensors that combine copper with other materials to enhance activity in neutral media.

 Autoría: Guati C., Gómez-Coma L., Fallanza M., Ortiz I.,

 Fuente: Biosensors, 2023, 13(12), 1032

Editorial: MDPI

 Fecha de publicación: 15/12/2023

Nº de páginas: 14

Tipo de publicación: Artículo de Revista

 DOI: 10.3390/bios13121032

ISSN: 2079-6374

 Proyecto español: PDC2022-133122-I00