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Life at the UC / Life in Cantabria

The University of Cantabria’s campus is divided between Santander -the capital of the Autonomous Region of Cantabria- and Torrelavega, a town 20 kilometres from the capital. This beautiful region of half a million inhabitants is on the shores of the Cantabrian Sea and is crossed by a mountain range. The shores and inland valleys offer a wide variety of landscapes as a consequence of the mild, moist climate of socalled Green Spain. All along the coast there are typical traditional fishing ports and innumerable diverse beaches of soft white sand.

However, Cantabria’s attractions are not limited to its natural treasures. History has provided a rich artistic and cultural heritage found in towns and villages that are outstanding in their own right. The archaeocological remains and historic buildings bear the mark of a unique history. It is here that we find the world famous Altamira cave paintings, a veritable shrine to the prehistoric age. In addition, there are remarkable remains from the Romans, the Mozarabic presence and the beginnings of the Reconquest of Spain. The artistic heritage offers us vivid evidence of the Romanesque, the Gothic and Baroque styles plus the singular architectural style of the ‘indianos’, returning adventurers from Latin America.

Santander is set around a natural port, providing the city with one of the most beautiful bays in the country. The coastal side of the city boasts a long string of top quality beaches and recreational areas, such as the Magdalena Peninsula, the Sardinero and Mataleñas Park.