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Postal and Telephone Services

Postal Services

The main Post Office is located at Plaza de Alfonso XIII. There are other offices all over the city, provided with fax services and postal transfer services. Information about the location and timetables of the main office can be found in the Post Office Web page.

Oficina Central de Correos
Plaza Alfonso XIII. 39002 Santander
Tfno. +34 942 36 55 19


Telephone Services

  • How to make a phone call
    To make an international call it is necessary to dial the following codes:
    00 + Country code + Local code + Phone number
    • For telephone calls in Cantabria:
      942                    +   Phone number
      Cantabria code          Six digits
    • For telephone calls in Spain:
      Province code    +   Phone number
      2 or 3 digits             7 or 6 digits
    • For Telephone calls to mobile phone in Spain:
      Phone number (9 digits)


  • Useful Addresses and Telephone Numbers
    ​Spanish Telephone numbers information​11818
    ​International Telephone numbers information​11825
    ​Local Police​092
    ​National Police​091
    ​Guardia Civil (Spanish Civil Police)​062
    ​On-call pharmacy Information 24h​+34 942 22 02 60
    ​Radio-Taxi ​+ 34 942 33 33 33