Housing & Dining

Santander is a tourist city in the summer and offers a wide variety of flats for rent in the private sector, while the availability of places at Halls of Residence, either public or private, is rather more limited. It should also be borne in mind that there is a much greater selection of accommodation on offer in the first semester than in the second one.

IMPORTANT: The ORI provides the necessary information to the student in order to contact with the person or service in charge of the accommodation. However, the student will be responsible for completing the procedures for renting the flat, for which purpose there is information available at the International Relations Office.

It is possible to choose from the following options:

Private flats shared with other students

The most popular and affordable type of accommodation is sharing a rented flat with other students, either Spanish or foreign. The monthly cost per person is around €200-300, without including utilities. In most cases, a deposit must be paid on signing the contract, and is usually equivalent to a month’s rent. This deposit is not returnable if the tenant leaves the flat before the end of the contract. Flats are furnished (beds, tables, chairs and full kitchen), but usually they do not have either bed linen or towels, which must be provided by the student, and they usually have a Wi-Fi connection.

IMPORTANT: The Vice-rectorate for Internationalization will not be responsible for any disagreement that may occur concerning accommodation between students and tenants or responsible for accommodation agencies.

University Halls of Residence

Colegio Mayor Torres Quevedo:

Its facilities belong to the Universidad Internacional Menéndez Pelayo. Inquiries and the booking process should be made directly with the Hall of Residence.


Colegio Mayor 'Torres Quevedo' (UIMP)

Staying with a Family

Students may live with a Spanish family, usually with full board (single room and three meals). The price may be approximately 30-32 € per day. If the students follow a Spanish Language Course, the Language Center helps looking for host families.

More info: http://web.unican.es/unidades/ciuc/Paginas/Spanish/Accommodation.aspx


University Cafeterias and Dining Halls

There are cafeterias in almost every building, with long opening hours available for students. Their prices are usually lower than at other restaurants. During the Welcome program, exchange students are shown the location of the different cafeterias and the specials areas with micro-waves for taking https://web.unican.es/descubre-tu-campus/vida-y-cultura-universitaria/un-lugar-donde-comer

Students need to take into account that most restaurants and pubs adapt their opening hours to the Spanish customs (meals are served at midday from 1 to 4 pm and at night from 9 pm to 12 am). However, it is possible to have a snack all throughout the day.