Academic Experience

​The main objective of the University of Cantabria is to provide its students with the necessary resources to place them in an excellent position to enter the job-market and to perform well in that market. To this end, the University has elaborated several teaching assessment procedures and offers a variety of services that guarantee an education
which is in keeping with a competitive and global context.

The balanced ratio of students between almost 13,000 students and 1,300 teaching staff favours the quality of both teaching and individual attention through guidance and support services. Teaching includes theoretical and practical sessions, supplemented by laboratory work, specific programs with companies and services providing access to printed and electronic information.

The main guarantee of the teaching prestige of the University of Cantabria is the scientific trajectory of its academics. In order to stimulate academic excellence, the University of Cantabria actively participates in the programmes developed by the National Agency for Quality Evaluation and Accreditation (ANECA). Within this context,
all its degree programmes are subjected to an assessment process in which students play an active role. Moreover, the institution has already adapted its study plans to requirements in the European Higher Education Area.

The University also strives to modulate the learning process according to needs through complementary means, such as the offer of distance- learning courses through the Virtual Campus, the transversal education in values and skills or the wide offer of education in foreign languages.