Cantabria is endowed with facilities for sports, Santander, the capital, being the best equipped municipality. Football pitches and the outdoor bowling areas (a local sport) are the most widespread sports facilities throughout the region. Several yacht harbours are located along the coast, providing facilities for sailing and surfing. In the mountainous areas, mountaineering, trekking and skiing can be practised. For the important sport events, Santander has the Palacio de Festivales and the 'Racing' football ground, both of them located in the Sardinero area.

The UC is not merely a place for learning and studying. During their time on the campus, students are afforded a unique opportunity to enjoy and take part in a wide and varied range of activities and initiatives related to sports, culture and associations. The Physical Activities and Sports Service alone offers beginners’ or advanced courses in more than 20 recreational activities and organises internal, interuniversity and federated competitions in a similar number of sports.

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