Life On Campus

A Cultural Vision

The spreading of knowledge and culture is one of the University of Cantabria’s priorities. Throughout the year the campus is host to a variety of different exhibitions, congresses, courses, lectures and concerts, which make the institution one of the cultural focal points of the city and its surroundings.

The university has two exhibition areas: the University Room, located under the Planetarium Dome in the School of Nautical Studies, and the University Hall Exhibition Room, in the city centre. Throughout the year the extracurricular University classrooms organise numerous activities related to theatre,music, photography, cultural heritage, theology, literature, cinema, women’s studies, international cooperation and scientific questions of general interest.

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The Publication of Knowledge

The works published by the University of Cantabria Publications Service make it possible to disseminate those works of interest that other more conventional means do not allow. In particular, the Service publishes books on research, works of general interest, and institutional works.

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A Place for Participation

Students at the University of Cantabria participate in the government of the institution through student representation in the University’s governing bodies and the Student Council. The University Campus also offers an ideal opportunity to make University life dynamic through University associations.

The relation with the University of Cantabria does not have to end on the day of the graduation ball. The University Alumni Association (ALUCAN) allows students to maintain friendships forged on the campus and to maintain contact with the entity and thus to contribute to its social and cultural life. Associates enjoy a wide range of advantages when accessing University services.

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