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Spanish and UC University System

The Spanish university systemThe Spanish university system is structured in order to confer university degrees which are valid throughout the national territory, into three levels, Degree, Master’s and Doctorate.

The Degree is the first cycle of official university education. Its main aim is the general education of students, in one or more disciplines, aimed at preparing for the exercise of professional activities.

The main aim of the Master’s Degree is that students acquire advanced, specialized or multidisciplinary education, and is aimed at academic and professional specialization, or at promoting initiation in research tasks.

The main aim of the Doctorate is the advanced education of students in research techniques. It entitles students to obtain the title of Doctor, once they have publicly defended their doctoral thesis, which will be carried out on an original research project.

The ECTS credit is the measure of the total workload of students to meet the objectives in the study plan or curriculum (theoretical teaching and work experience, study and work hours, as well as hours to prepare and carry out assessments).


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