Getting to the UC

Getting to Santander

There are several ways of travelling to Santander:


Seve Ballesteros Santander airport, located 5 kilometres to the east of the city center, has flights connecting Santander with several Spanish and European cities by low-cost airlines such as Iberia/Air Nostrum, Ryanair and Vueling. There is a permanent bus service which connects Santander airport with the city center bus station every 30 minutes: The bus fare is approximately 2 €. There is also a taxi service from the airport to the city for about 20€.

Additionally, Bilbao Airport, located about 120 kms from Santander (an hour’s drive) operates international flights to and from the main European capitals. There are buses and trains to and from Bilbao Airport to the city center, where there is a coach service to Santander.



A ferry links Santander with Plymouth/ Portsmouth (United Kingdom).


Santander has two railway stations that correspond to two different railway companies (RENFE and FEVE) and they are situated at opposite ends of the same building.

RENFE connects Santander with Madrid and other places in Spain. This railway company has a radial track network, the centre of which is the capital of Spain.

  • RENFE Railway Station:
    • Tel. Information and ticket booking: +34 902 24 02 02
      Tel. International Information: +34 902 24 34 02

FEVE, the narrow gauge railway, joins all the self-governed regions in the North of Spain

  • FEVE Railway Station:
    • Tel. +34 942 20 95 22 / +34 942 20 95 66



There are coaches from the French border linking Irún with Santander several times a day. This is the easiest route for those who reach Hendaya by train. There are also coaches that operate the routes to France, Belgium, United Kingdom, Switzerland, Portugal and Moldova.

  • Information ALSA Coaches
    Tel. +34 902 42 22 42

The City Bus Service (TUS) links The University of Cantabria with the rest of the city.



Those who prefer to drive here can cross the border at Irún-Hendaya, taking the National Road 634, or the toll motorway A-8 to Bilbao, and then following directions for Santander.

Once here, the visitor will realise that the city’s lay-out is along three main roads: Avenida de Los Castros (with the University campus in its northern part), Paseo de General Dávila, and the road which joins Cuatro Caminos with the city-center and Sardinero (see Santander street plan).


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