​OpenCourseWare is a digital publishing initiative that aims to supply educational materials in open university education.

This initiative is reflected on the Internet in OpenCourseWare(OCW) sites, this is, web sites containing educational materials created by teachers for higher education.

These materials represent a set of resources (documents , programs, calendar ... ) used in the teaching and learning of the subjects taught by the teachers.

  • It is offered freely and universally accessible online.
  • No diffusion is limited by issues relating to intellectual property.
  • Use , reuse , adaptation and distribution by others is permitted with certain restrictions.

The aim is that the materials are always free and open to anyone who wants to access them. Therefore, and for not being a distance learning system , OCW will never require any user registration, nor the need to belong to a university.

More information about the OCW site of the University of Cantabria can be found in