End of your Stay

​Staying longer

You can stay longer as long as there is an academic justification, authorised by your own university and for which it sends us this authorisation by mail, fax or e-mail. Remember, though, that during the months of July, August and September there is no regular teaching activity at the university.

​Paperwork - Attendance Certificate

Before going back to your country, remember to collect your Certificate of Attendance.

Please bear in mind that:

  • The ORI will not sign any Certificate of Attendance including a date earlier than the end of the stay
  • Stays will only be certified till July 15 maximum
  • Stays after July 15 will only be certified after request of the Home University to the ORI

If your own university asks you for an Attendance Certificate, The ORI can prepare one for you (using the dates for arrival and departure that you put on your form at the beginning of your stay here), which will show officially that you have completed your stay at the UC. Except for this document, we do not require you to do anything else.

The Attendance Certificate is a document which justifies a student’s stay at the UC. The maximum length of this period is from September to June/July. Certificates will not include the month of August, since there is no academic activity during the summer, unless the student has received express written authorisation to stay during this period and which document is duly signed by the issuing university.

Transcript of Records

The UC will issue a Transcript of Records digitally signed and a printable version  which can be downloaded by the students themselves and verified by the home university through a CSV code, by a simple procedure, on the UC secure online portal: https://sede.unican.es/consulta-de-csv, no later than 5 weeks after the assessment period has finished.