Volunteer programme

​Programme established by the Vice-rectorate for Internationalization and coordinated by the ACOIDE office. Volunteering is just one way you can get involved in the community and help contribute to social change.

There are volunteer opportunities with local community agencies and organizations. Registration is quick and easy to do, and you may opt-out at any time.

Types of Volunteering

  • Social: Elder people, people at risk of exclusion, disability...
  • Cooperation for development: NGOs for development involved into awareness raising projects, fair trade activities…
  • Leisure time: activities with children, TIC training…
  • Environmental: beach cleaning, tree planting, wildlife preservation…

You can collaborate with sporadic activities, during the weekend or several hours per week, according to your availability. Find volunteer opportunities here.


Two posibilities:

  • At the ACOIDE office: I+D de Telecomunicaciones building, -3 floor. Plaza de la Ciencia.
  • By email: uc.cooperacion@unican.es


Service advising

Contact us by email (uc.cooperacion@unican.es), give us a call (+34 942 203900) or schedule an appointment to talk about your interests.
More information: http://web.unican.es/unidades/cooperacion-internacional-desarrollo/voluntariado