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Research services

​Oficina de Transferencia de Resultados de Investigación (OTRI)

The Technology Transfer Office (OTRI) aims to create and maintain dynamic relations between the scientific community, businesses, and other socioeconomic entities in order to promote R+D and produce results from research projects at the University of Cantabria.

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Tlfno.: +34 942 201029


Services for research and development

The Institute of Hydraulics (IH) Foundation, created specifically for management of the IHCantabria Institute and the “Cantabria Coastal and Ocean Basin” (CCOB) Great Engineering Tank is also an instrument in the management of UC projects and agreements.
The UC Foundation for Study and Research in theFinancial sector (UCEIF), created between the University of Cantabria and the Santander Group, develops programmes and projects, training and other actions in the sectors of finance, companies and economy.
With the aim of providing research groups and companies with costly and specialized infrastructures, the Scientific-Technical Research Services (SCTI) has been created. Its services range from super-computation (the Altamira Node in the Super-computation Spanish Network) to transmission electron microscopy.
Two of these infrastructures are considered “Singular Scientific-Technical Infrastructures” (ICTS) by the Education Dept., the Altamira Node in the Super-computation Spanish Network (RES) and the Cantabria Coastal and Ocean Basin (CCOB).
The main performers in research are the 1,000 researchers we have who cover all the great areas of knowledge: Engineering, Health Sciences, Science, Humanities and Social Sciences. These researchers are integrated in Research Institutes and R+D+i Groups.
At this moment, the University of Cantabria has four research institutes which are the centre of attention for attracting national as well as foreign researchers:

Likewise, there is a Unit which is associated to CSIS-(ICMA) in the area of functional materials in extreme conditions.

The European and International Projects and Research Office (OPEII)

The European and International Projects and Research Office (OPEII) in the University of Cantabria is in charge of the promotion and management of the participation of R&D groups in European and international R+D+i projects.

Among our functions are the following:

  • Promote participation of our R+D Groups in European and International R+D+i programmes.
  • Assist our R+D Groups in the preparation of proposals of actions for European and International R+D+I programmes.
  • Administrative, legal and financial management of European and International R+D+i projects with the participation of R+D Groups at the University of Cantabria.
  • Coordination of actions in terms of European and International R+D+i programmes with other regional, national, European and international agents.
  • Coordination of R+D+i activities in representation of the University of Cantabria in the Regional Office of Cantabria in Brussels.


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Oficina de Proyectos Europeos e Internacionales de Investigación (OPEII)

Pabellón de Gobierno
Planta Baja
Av. de los Castros, s/n
39005 Santander
Tlfno.: +34 942 201029/201071