Call summary

Note:  Please read carefully all provisions below before the preparation of your application, for more detailed information, please refer to the specific documents​.



The period for the submission of applications will remain open from the day after the publication of the call and until     September 26, 2019.


  1. ​The incorporation of one researcher (on condition that they prove the non-existence of a contractual           relationship with University of Cantabria, UC) and who have already completed the first stage of evaluation of any of the Calls for Starting Grants or Consolidator Grants of the ERC .
  2. Development of a research project and support for the creation of their own research team.
  3. Provide a new vacancy for Permanent Professor in the fields related to the professional profile of the beneficiary by opening a public tendering procedure.

The present Call for Proposals is co-funded by the Santander Bank (Banco Santander), through the Cooperation        Agreement signed with the University of Cantabria within the funding scheme of International Talent Attraction, STAR      Programme (Santander Talent Attraction for Research), and by the Ministry of Education, Culture and Sports of the       Government of Spain.
The global funding amount to 420,000 €.

  1. PhD researchers of any nationality, having a demonstrable post-doctoral experience of at least 3 years after his/her PhD award.
  2. The beneficiary will not bear any contractual obligations or legal links with the University of Cantabria during the previous five years.
  3. Demonstrate the positive assessment after Step 1 of ERC panel evaluation in any of the funding schemes listed in the Annex 1, and that he/she is the Principal Researcher of the received applications.

​Obligations of beneficiaries

  1. ​Join the designated destination center at the UC within a maximum period of six months from the date of   notification of the award decision and comply with the full period of research stay.
  2. Deliver two reports (economic and scientific) to the Vice-chancellorship of Research and Transfer of Knowledge at months 10, 22, 34 and 46 (four reporting periods) after the award decision.
  3. After the six first months of project, the UC authorization of Ethics in Social Science Research, or authorization of Bioethics Commission and/or authorization of Committee of Clinical  Research of Cantabria will be mandatory   submitted.
  4. The beneficiary will carry out a research project during the whole duration of the fellowship, in relation to the ERC grant previously submitted.
  5. The submission of an ERC proposal within the first two years of the project is mandatory, being the UC the host      institution.
  6. The acceptance commitment of a Department or Research Institutes of the University of Cantabria.
  7. Publicize the funds of the STAR-Santander Universities Programme and the Ministry of Education, Culture and Sport under Cantabria International Campus project within the framework of Campus of International   Excellence Programme.
Grant amount​

Grant is limited to a maximum of 420,000.00€.
Salary of the beneficiary: 260,000.00 € (52,000.00 € per year).

Maximum total eligible expenses related with development of research activity: up to 160,000.00€ 
Execution period

The beneficiary will have five years to finalize the project as for the starting date counting from the first day of labour   contract with the University of Cantabria.

​- All documents required in the application can be found here.
- Necessary documents: See article 7 of the call.
- All the documents can be completed in English or Spanish.

- All the documentation will be submitted in electronic format in pdf files to the following e-mail:

​Evaluation and

The evaluation of the grants will be assisted by an Evaluation Committee designated by the UC’s Research Board.
Evaluation criteria:
- Curriculum Vitae including the standard academic and research record, up to 50%
- ERC evaluation report, up to 25%
- Feasibility and execution of the project within the duration requested and with the resources and avilable areas of the UC, up to 25%

The final grant resolution will be published in the University of Cantabria website.


- Call Text.pdf
- Application Form.doc
- Research Proposal Template.doc
- Letter of Commitment Department_Institute.doc
- BOC_STAR2_2019.pdf

Please contact with us for any question:

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