Strategic Areas

​The areas of excellence have been chosen after checking the existence of teaching, research and transfer structures which comply with at least 6 or 7 of the following criteria of qualifications:

  • Stand out because of their level of teaching and scientific excellence.
  • Have a consolidated level of internationalization.
  • Completely develop the chain of knowledge transfer.
  • Have a high-value infrastructure support.
  • Be recognized for their own value within the region.
  • Have aggregation from various institutions.
  • Favor generating companies and operating entities.


The search for international excellence

The search for international excellence in teaching, research and knowledge transfer involves four strategic specialization areas:

and another two which lend support:

Cantabria International Campus also includes transversal improvement action-lines throughout the whole University and in its interaction with the social, economic and territorial surroundings of the campus.
In 2009, the Spanish Government chose Cantabria International Campus as one of the top nine International Campuses of Excellence (CEI) within Spanish Universities.