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Program in Spanish History and Culture

The aim of this Program is to provide students with an overview of the Spanish historic and contemporary reality in order to deepen their knowledge of Spanish language and culture, which will help them initiate other studies in Spanish and/or complete their humanistic, scientific, experimental and social knowledge.


List of courses

Spring semester
  • G2010 Spring - An Introduction to Spanish Literature and Cinema (6 credits) +info
  • G1811 Spring - Discovering Spanish Landscapes (6 credits) +info
  • G1808 Spring - European Culture and Civilization (6 credits) +info
  • G1504 Spring - Prehistoric European Art (6 credits) +info
  • G1806 Spring - Spanish History and Culture (6 credits) +info
  • G1807 Spring - Spanish Language I +info
  • G1825 Spring - Spanish Language II +info

This study program, especially designed for international incoming students, covers areas such as: History, Art, Literature and Geography in the context of Spain.


Program Schedule 2023-2024

Exams Schedule 2023-2024


All the courses in the Program in Spanish History and Culture are taught by the Faculty of Arts and the Department of Philology academic staff, who have wide experience in teaching in English and have carried out part of their professional training in British and North American universities.

Who is eligible for the Program?

The Program is open to exchange and visiting students at the University of Cantabria that are pursuing a humanistic degree or a complement to their technical education.

Registration takes place at the Office for International Relations at the University of Cantabria, in the ordinary registration period for second semester courses.

For exchange students, these courses will be included in the Student’s Learning Agreement.