Ph- D Students

As a general rule, the following will be necessary to apply for admission to an official Doctorate Programme:

  • Have an official Spanish Degree or an official convalidated Foreign Degree or equivalent, and a University Master's Degree.


Those people in any of the following situations may also gain admission:

  • Have an official University Spanish Degree, or one from another country within the European Higher Education Area, which enables admission to a Master's Degree.  Also, having obtained a minimum of 300 ECTS credits in the whole of their official university studies, of which at least 60 will be at Master's Degree level.
  • Have a Degree which complies with foreign education systems, without the need to convalidate it and which is valid in the country of origin to gain admission to Doctorate studies.


The following documents are necessary to apply for admission:

  • Application form.
    Available on the website
  • Photocopy of I.D. Card, Residence Permit or Passport.
  • Photocopy of University Degree.
  • Photocopy of the Personal Academic Certification issued by the University of origin showing the subjects studied, together with marks and credits.


All the documents must be legalized and translated into Spanish.

Information about legalization and translation can be found on the Academic Management Service website

If you need more information about Doctoral programs offered by the University of Cantabria, please visit: